About Author

Andrew Pearce has spent the vast majority of his working life in IT, more than a third of a century in total.

He got his first computer (an Oric 1) as a gift from his Dad at age 17, and used it to write simple games in assembler which he self-published and sold on C90 cassette tapes. This predictably led through formal programmer training, to a career which began on mainframes with a national bank before rapidly moving on to minis, through Apple (Lisa & Mac) and onto PCs. He subsequently became one of the first UK programmers to develop for MS Windows, led the team that first successfully integrated Windows with Oracle on a PC (still an 80286), and helped take a CORBA suite from a government funded research program into a commercial product.

In 1997 he switched from programming into management, and has consulted on various aspects of best-practice in the IT industry ever since, including change management, software development, software configuration, software release, project management, data protection, IT policies, database design, process improvement, process automation etc. Along the way he has contributed to various ebooks, written several blogs, and ghost-written a number of technical & training manuals for clients.

Andrew has worked exclusively on a freelance / contract basis since 1987, and has thus gained experience of a substantial number of client sites and working practices. The vast majority have been below-par in several areas (which is why Andrew was engaged to resolve their issues), and on the basis that “best practice pertains to all” he has delighted in taking lessons learned with him as he has moved between industry sectors to help clients of all sizes and genre.

Much of Andrew’s work has been with blue-chips and multi-nationals, and with military installations and government departments, but as a SME owner himself (he has founded a start-up consultancy business with 20 staff, and launched several ecommerce websites) and frequent adviser to SMEs that he has met while “breakfast networking,” he is uniquely placed to translate his experience of corporate best-practice into something practical for a SME.

Andrew is available for consulting requirements, training and public-speaking if required and can be contacted either through the ContactUs page on this website, or via his own
CM Lifeguard website.